Sphere - Backup made simple

Backup all your important files: Office documents, Pictures, Movies, Databases, Mobile Phones*, Emails*. Store your backed up files locally and in our online Quadruple redundancy cloud storage. Purchase outright or take advantage of our competitive SaaS plans.

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Features & Specs

Local and Cloud Storage Sphere adds extra resilience to your backups. Offering Local, Network and Cloud mirroring. In the event of a disaster you should always have access to your backups.

Scheduled Backups icon Sphere runs silently in the background backing up files when you tell it to. Should any backups fail, Sphere automatically detects this and adjusts the backups accordingly - ensuring you are fully protected.

256 BIT AES Encryption All files backed up by Sphere are encrypted using military grade protection.

My Sphere My Sphere offers remote administration and access to backups in our cloud.

Nimbos Fire proof, flood proof, high capacity managed network storage.

Disaster management Sphere is the perfect tool to protect your data against fire, flood and hardware failure.

*3rd party software required